In addition to helping the working poor improve their lives and communities through direct programs, Capax World also makes impact investments to aid the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises that have broader direct and indirect impacts in impoverished communities.

Capax World sees impact investments as a valuable tool in reducing poverty worldwide, reaching into poor communities to provide financing that otherwise might not be available to local businesses, as well as expertise and training, as needed.

Capax World’s impact investment program supports businesses that provide economic, social and environmental benefits for area residents. Our impact investments typically expect less financial return, tolerate greater risk, support management of growing enterprises, and provide longer runways for profitability than do traditional investments – a concept known as “patient capital.”

Impact investments have long-lasting impacts on impoverished communities, enabling local businesses to expand their operations, and sometimes scale beyond their immediate markets to regional or even global operations. This expansion leads to job creation, in addition to the greater production or provision of the businesses’ beneficial products or services. We focus particularly on businesses whose products or services alleviate the conditions of poverty through improvements in agriculture, education, energy, healthcare, clean water/sanitation and housing.