Capax World seeks to empower the world’s rural poor by bringing clean electric power to remote areas suffering from disease, hunger and other afflictions of poverty.

An estimated 1.2 billion people do not have electricity, and 2 billion rely on electricity that is unstable. Affordable power for lighting, cell phones and appliances enhances health, education, productivity and income. Basic access to electricity can increase household income by 50% or more.

The greatest obstacles to reliable electricity for the world’s poor are distance from reliable electric energy grids and the high cost of installation. Our response is off-grid clean energy custom-designed for projects and communities.

Capax World brings together clean energy experts who have a heart for helping the poor, and charitable donors and impact investors who want to change lives in this way. Our clean energy approach includes:

• Determining what type of clean electric power best suits a project or community: solar, wind turbine or hydroelectric.

• Connecting and facilitating collaboration of business leaders, universities, governments and NGOs.

• Connecting programs and communities with charitable donors and impact investors.

Capax World sees off-grid clean energy as fundamental to reducing malnutrition and poverty in poor communities.