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Capax World seeks to empower the rural poor of the world one village at a time, by bringing clean electric power to remote areas suffering from disease, hunger and other afflictions of poverty.

Electrifying these unempowered regions radically improves health, economic and social conditions for the world’s poorest individuals and communities. Greater and more affordable access to lighting, cell phones and appliances enhance health, education, productivity and income.

An estimated 1.2 billion of the world’s people – existing at a level of poverty unknown in fully developed countries – do not have electricity. Another 2 billion people rely on sources of electricity that are unstable. Many get light from kerosene lamps and candles, which are very expensive to operate, absorbing up to 25 to 30% of a family’s income. These energy sources not only bind people to poverty, but also produce indoor pollution at 10 times levels that are safe. Tragically, these expensive, unclean fuels are estimated to cause 1.5 to 2 million deaths per year from pollution alone, half of which are due to pneumonia in children under age 5. Worse still, these figures account only for deaths from respiratory ailments, and do not include deaths from fires.

Studies have shown that basic access to electricity can increase household income by 50% or more, by providing more time and opportunities for home-based income generation.

The greatest obstacles to reliable electricity for the world’s poor are distance from reliable electric energy grids, and cost (particularly the cost of installation). Both of these can be overcome, to a large extent, by utilizing solar and other renewable energy facilities that can be readily constructed off-grid in poor, rural areas. Furthermore, in current global economic conditions, the cost per kWh of solar power is 1/6 the cost of kerosene, even before one considers the economic and productivity costs of kerosene toxicity.

Strategic Position

Through the Capax World Clean Energy program, Capax World brings together clean energy experts who have a heart for helping the poor, and charitable donors and impact investors who want to change lives in this way, to provide clean energy to underserved rural communities. Capax World Clean Energy focuses on distributed systems between 5 kWh and 150 kWh, often enough to power an entire village. 


Capax World Clean Energy’s approach to electrifying poor, rural, off-grid communities includes the following elements:

1. Helping to determine what type of clean electric power best suits a given community: solar, wind turbine or hydroelectric.

2. Connecting global leaders from the arenas of business, government and NGOs, and facilitating collaboration in order to develop sustainable projects.

3. Bridging communities in need with charitable donors and impact investors who provide the necessary capital for installation.

Given the widespread need and the demonstrated socio-economic benefits of electrifying poor, rural areas, Capax World sees the provision of off-grid clean energy as a crucial element in its mission to improve living conditions in the world’s poorest communities.

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