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Capax World addresses multiple facets of poverty through the establishment of Agri-Communities in rural, agrarian regions of developing countries, where poverty is greatest. People in these regions not only lack adequate income, but also suffer from insufficient or nonexistent energy, clean water, nutrition, education, healthcare and housing. Capax World Agri-Communities provide poor families with small farms and homes, coupled with clean water, electricity, and education. Homesteads are linked together in collectives to connect farmer families, and to allow participants to share education and other resources, improve participation in the agricultural supply chain, and diversify crop production.


Capax World Agri-Communities emphasize sustainable agriculture techniques, such as organic farming and permaculture. Capax World also works to enhance the local agricultural supply chain in poor, rural communities, as well as to improve access to and participation in the supply chain by small-hold farmers, utilizing a cooperative model.


Small-hold farmers north of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, are provided with training, organic inputs and cooperative representation in the agricultural supply chain at the Tonle Chum Farm and Education Center.


ac2Capax World is partnering with Cambodia-based StandardBiz and Conversations With Foreigners (CWF)  to offer an agricultural management and leadership training program aimed at enhancing agriculture-related financial knowledge, and getting young people involved in agriculture. The program, Effective Saving and Lending Management for Agricultural Communities Youth, trains participants in the effective use of financial tools and education for local, small-hold farmers, to help them more effectively manage their farms and incomes, for greater economic resilience.


Capax World Agri-Communities’ multi-faceted approach to rural poverty is designed to be holistic and sustainable, and each program is tailored to meet local needs, under the guidance of a local team trained in disciplines ranging from agriculture to accounting. The results include increased food security, greater income generation, improved nutrition and health, improved education, improvement of the local supply chain, and training of local leaders to continue and expand poverty alleviation programs in their communities.




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