Capax World (“capax” is Latin for “capable”) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides the world’s poor with the tools they need to expand their capabilities, utilizing broad business expertise and strategic partnerships to develop and implement innovative, sustainable solutions to poverty.


With a current emphasis on project implementation in Cambodia (working with local NGO affiliate Capax World Cambodia Organization), Capax World also has strategic partnerships and projects under development worldwide. Capax World integrates responsible, patient capital into the key developmental areas of education, clean energy, agriculture, healthcare, and water/sanitation in order to meet locally-identified needs, to enable the world’s poor to expand and utilize their skills, talents and drive to provide for their families and improve their communities. 


Why we serve
Capax World’s international directors and management team combine broad business knowledge and experience into comprehensive programs to expand the capabilities of the world’s poor. Capax World’s programs meet basic needs while expanding capabilities, are sustainable and self-perpetuating, fully integrate local communities into program design and implementation, and foster improved functionality in communities as well as individuals.


Whom we serve
Capax World focuses on the poor in developing countries worldwide, to make a more capable world. In addition to a dedicated team in Cambodia that implements projects there, Capax World has strategic partnerships and projects in development on several continents.


How we serve
Capax World helps the poor expand their capabilities through integrated programs that incorporate:

  • Education
  • Clean Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Access to Capital
  • Responsible Capital/Credit Management
  • Life Skills Training
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Impact Investing
  • Healthcare
  • Water
  • Sanitation
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Community Building

Our Family

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Our Journey

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